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Rebecca 5 months

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Rolling over was my big accomplishment this month!  As soon as I was laid on the floor, I flipped from my back onto my tummy.  All that extra tummy time allowed me to practice squirming around in circles and raising myself into a plank position.  I tried sitting on my own, but I wasn’t ready for that just yet.  Rolling led to swaddle weaning.  My sleep sack is cool, but my busy hands  and arms made falling asleep tricky.  But, with this new freedom , I learned that I prefer to sleep on my left side.  I happily went through my days with a big smile on my sweet little face, not saying much, but when I got tired, that’s when I would let out a few squawks.  The more tired I got, the more vocal I got.  I was very aware of what was going on around me and because of that, it became tough for me to fall asleep while we were out and about – I didn’t want to miss anything and therefore didn’t fall asleep easily or didn’t stay sleeping for long.  I really liked napping at home in my crib, and I did my best sleeping there, but as a third child, I can’t always afford that luxury.  The past month has been very busy with activities, but the highlights were  swimming at home, strawberry picking at Melick’s Farm, celebrating Dad on father’s day and visiting the Monmouth Museum.  Oh yes, my newest favourite thing was sucking on watermelon!  It’s so delicious!     …Becca

May 2014

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- The 30th of April was a very rainy day, and the evening showed now sign of a change in weather.   At 10pm James and some neighbours joined forces and moved vehicles to higher ground, just to be safe.  Around midnight we watched the creek that runs through our property, crest and start spilling into our back yard, at which point we went to bed.  I awoke around 5am to find our basement filling with water, a quick peek out the front door reveled the street in front of our house flooded and looking out the back door we could see our yard looked like a large pond.  The sump pumps were running, but since they empty into creek, there was nowhere for the water to go but into our basement.  Fortunately, our basement is unfinished and is home to nothing more than the furnace, oil and hot water tanks and an old baby carriage.  James and Gus took a short walk to check on the state of the park.  Nomahegan park which has a small lake, was completely submerged.  The rain subsided that morning, and the water slowly started to recede.  By 3pm the creek was back to normal levels, our basement emptied out and it appeared as though nothing had happened.  A few days of rain kept everyone in town talking about the flood for quite some time.

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- We celebrate my 35th birthday!  The kids and I joined the Nesheiwat family for a lovely garden party, and then James and the kids made birthday cake for dessert!

- To honour their Moms for Mother’s Day, Gus’ and his classmates hosted a tea party at school.  It was a really sweet morning!  They served cookies and muffins they had made, with iced tea, presented gifts and sang songs.  It was a really special time with my little man.

- To celebrate Mother’s Day, we packed a picnic lunch and headed to the Rahway River Park.  Being outside, playing at the playground, was the perfect way to spend a beautiful and sunny afternoon.  When we returned home, we realized that it was time to set up our ‘back-deck’ pool.  The water was chilly, but that didn’t prevent Gus, Calina and our neighbours, Sienna & Lila, from suiting up and jumping in.

- We started attending a weekly “Toddler Jump” (ages 6 and under) at Pump-It-Up!  The huge inflatables kept Gus and Calina running and climbing for more than an hour with a few friends from school.  They ended each session with a snack and story.  It was a great way to burn off some energy this spring.

- Rainbows was the perfect theme for our little friend Alice’s 2nd birthday.  We had so much fun celebrating with her – a bouncy castle, other games, an abundance of yummy bbq food, and lots of friends made for a fun afternoon that lasted until bedtime.

- Gus has long asked to go to near-by Bowcraft Amusement Park.  He was thrilled to be invited to his classmate, Sienna’s, 5th birthday party at this park.  James and Gus spent the afternoon going on rides and enjoying pizza and cake in honour of the friend that calls Gus “peanut butter”.

- Memorial Day weekend was a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend.  The Kastin’s hosted a lovely bbq, where the rain forced the 8 adults and 10 children inside.  The kids had a blast running and playing together while us adults shared in good conversation.  Sunday we joined the Wolfe family to celebrate Mason Waytt’s 5th and Addison Mae’s 1st birthdays with a hoedown!  We arrived to find the street closed off to traffic and filled with tables and chairs set up under tents, bouncy castles and kid-sized motorized  vehicles.  Everything was so well done, and we couldn’t help but have a great time!  On the Monday morning, the only thing to do was the thing everyone does – watch (or march in) the parade.

- Nomahegan park was the perfect venue for our neighbour Daniella’s 4th birthday.  Under the shade of the tall trees, we ate hot dogs, watched the kids at the playground and in the bouncy castle.  We listened to the music of the live band and chatted with friends while the kids flew kites.  Daniella certainly knows how to throw a party to please people of all ages!

Gus update…

- Gus spends lots of time being an “adventurer”.  Wearing his khaki coloured adventure vest, binoculars around his neck and magnifying glass in hand, he spends a great deal of time looking for bugs and playing outside.  He wants to build an adventure center and police station in our backyard – that way he won’t have to move away from home and doesn’t choose between these two desirable careers.

- We had our first incident of child hair cutting in our house.  It was bound to happen sooner or later, and it’s happened.  In the ensuite bathroom, Gus cut a small chunk out of Calina’s hair.  Thankfully it wasn’t noticeable.

- Have the pool on our back deck allows for lots of easy water exposure for Gus & Calina.  Gus who was terrified of getting his face wet while swimming two summers ago, has been putting his face in the water!  Small steps.

- Gus’ class had two fun adventures this month.  First, they took the train to a near-by town where they made a craft at a local crafting boutique and enjoyed sweet treats at and ice cream parlour.  Second, they went to the Turtle Back Zoo, where they had a special mission to study the alligator.

Quotes of the month

May 1st, 6:30am, upon discovering the flood:  “Dad, come down stairs! There is good news and bad news.  The good news is that the bird house didn’t flood.  The bad news is we are going to need a new backyard.”

G – “How old are you today Mom?”

Mom – 35

G – Yikes!


Calina 2 years 10 months

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Along with all the fun family activities we’ve been doing, here is what I’ve been up to…

- As a baby, my pediatrician said that my excessive spitting-up was nothing more than a laundry issue.  Well, I continue to be a laundry issue for Mom since I wear multiple outfits a day!

- I’m stubborn!  And there is no exception to this behaviour when it comes to apologizing to others or accepting apologies from Gus.

- The extra water exposure I get by having a pool on the back deck has given me the confidence to put my face in the water.

- The supervisor at Pump-It-Up is regularly impressed by my climbing abilities.  He probably doesn’t realize I’m actually “two and three quarters”.

- I love to tell everyone how old I am, and I refuse to change my age to “two and five sixths” like Mom encourages me to.

- I’m still a little nervous, but I can climb across the monkey bars on our play ground.

- I started at The Little Gym last September, and I graduated this month.  I received a special medal for my year of achievement.  It’s going to be a little lonely on Monday mornings when I don’t see my teacher, Mr. TJ, and my friends.

- My year of My First Friends with Mrs. Maher has also came to an end.  No more Friday morning play group with crafts.

- Since I rarely nap and I do everything loudly, quiet time is totally lost on me.  Rebecca’s afternoon nap coincided with my quiet time, and I kept waking her up with my loud voice, crying or banging on my door.  My scheme to have quiet time with Gus worked perfectly.

- To Mom’s delight, I recently resumed eating things like yogurt and apple sauce.  I ate foods like this when I was first introduced to them two years ago, but had given them up.

Quote of the month:

“Mom, I’m going to put a secret in your mouth.” (and I whispered into Mommy’s mouth)


Rebecca 4 months

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This past month was all about reaching milestones. For example, I started off grasping at things that touched my hands, progressed to reaching for things that hung above me on my play mat and, as the month came to a close, I was reaching for things in front of me, like toys on my high chair tray. I added three, totally essential, oversized baby items to my routine – the Bumbo, which I liked to squirm out of, and the exersaucer and the jumper – which helped to satisfy my desire to stand and be upright. While on the subject of large baby items, I said good-bye to my bassinet and hello to my crib. I still slept in the comfort of Mom & Dad’s bedroom, which made it easy for me to wake them up with my happy morning babble, and flailing arms – I’m a little Houdini and often wiggled out of my straight-jacket swaddle. I was curious about what Gus & Calina were up to, so going forward facing in my carrier made it much easier to watch their every move. I had a few episodes of stranger anxiety recently – the shock of someone other than Mom holding me brought on one, and being surround by many people at church brought on another. The big tears that resulted seemed to clear my blocked tear duct, so no more goopy eyes is the upside to this nervousness. At my recent doctor appointment, I weighed 13 pounds 5, ounces and measured 24 inches tall, which makes me – perfect! Things that made me smile were: having songs sung to me, listening in on story time and playing on my activity mat.

I continued to oversee Calina’s weekly activities, retrieve Gus from school, and tag along to the playground, but started cheering on Gus at Saturday morning soccer and having a weekly play date with my friend Anne. The month also presented me with opportunities to attend a garden party at the Nesheiwat’s, observe Mother’s day with a picnic, help Mom celebrate her 35th birthday and help our friend Alice celebrate her 2nd birthday at her rainbow party.



Calina 2 years 9 months

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- I like things my way.  It suits me best when I can make choices for myself, and when something is chosen for me, without my opinion being taken, you can most certainly expect a fuss.  If Mom puts my cereal in a blue bowl, I want a green one.  If Dad picks out purple pants for me to wear, I want pink ones.

- I can identify some letters of the alphabet when I see them, but I do an excellent job of identifying letters by their sound.  For example, I know that ‘butter’ starts with the letter ‘b’.

- I’m afraid of Grandma Cathy’s dogs, and nervous around most other dogs.  Recently the sound of keys and money jingling in Daddy’s pocket sent me into hysterics, because the sound was similar to that of dog tags, and I thought “the dogs were coming to get me”.  The irony of this is that playing with pretend puppies is one of my favourite things to do.

- At bedtime, I’ve started listening to music to help drowned out all the busyness that is outside my window.

- Hangry is a word that can regularly be used to describe my mood.  Upon waking, in the morning or from a nap, I need food in my tummy ASAP, and until that happens, watch out!  It seems that my happiness is directly correlated to the fullness of my belly.

- In my pretend play, anytime I or someone/something else is going somewhere, that somewhere is always “North America”.

- I spent a morning burning off extra energy at “Pump-A-Dot” (Pump It Up).  I had so much fun climbing, jumping and sliding on the giant inflatables, that I was excited to tell Dad that “Pump-A-Dot is the best!”

Quote of the month

“I’ll hold the [loaf of] bread because I’m strong with things.”

Favourite mispronunciation

“toll-ette” = toilet

… Calina

April 2014

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- In the days leading up to April Fool’s Day, Gus talked about all the funny things he was going to do, and how fun it was going to be.  So at 10pm the night before, Jame and I realized that we shouldn’t let April Fools Day come an go without making an effort for Gus.  So we jumped into action and switched the kitchen table for kid sized table and chairs, we made Jello in their juice cups, moved their dishes out of their regular spot, covered their bedroom doors with foam, swaped Claina’s step stool at her bedside for a slide, added a handful of fake bugs to the cereal box and added food colouring to the toilets.  We went to bed satisfied that Gus would be ecstatic with all the tricks he would discover the next morning.  Well our efforts were not greeted with excitement, but resulted in a morning long temper tantrums from both Gus & Calina.  Oh well, maybe next year!

- Gus’ school held an Easter chapel service where the students sang Easter songs and Pastor Carol told the Easter story.

- The nicer weather meant much more time in the backyard.  Gus and Calina spent most evenings playing with our backyard neighbours.  To make seeing these friends easier bridges were constructed across the creek.  The children built one from salvaged boards and James built one from salvaged beams.

- There was one warm day when the water table made it’s reappearance to the back deck.  Ah, the simple pleasures of spring.

- Our little friend Gunnar turned 6 years old, and we all helped celebrate at his fun superhero-magician party.  Since then, Gus has been requesting that James perform magic tricks, to which he obliges and does a pretty good job.

- We attended the annual block party hosted by that Gus’ school.  The “community helpers” (police, mail carriers, fire fighters and paramedics ) were all there with their vehicles, which the kids were able to explore.

- Our friends Maggie & Alex hosted a very fun Easter egg hunt in their back yard.  It was a great way to enjoy the afternoon sunshine, play with many friends, and search for eggs with cool surprises in them.

- Gus’ spring break was the week leading up to Easter, so it seemed like the perfect reason to make our proposed Easter long-weekend trip into a proper trip home.  It had  been six months since our last trip, which had been much too long, I was aching to introduce Rebecca to more of her family and I still hadn’t met my newest niece, Fallon, who was already four months old.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to be able to spend 8 full days visiting with family and friends.  On Palm Sunday we celebrated Rebecca’s Baptism and had a casual reception afterwards.  Having all the cousins running around together reminded me of family get togethers from when I was little.  The kids and I spent the week hopping from one visit to the next, squeezing in as much fun as we could handle.  The following weekend, Mortimer Easter included going to a community egg hunt, celebrating Ty’s 5th birthday and then enjoying a delicious dinner lovingly prepared by Gram Berny and Aunt Tina!   Easter Sunday was spent with my Muldoon family playing outside and sharing a huge, yummy meal together.  It was a wonderful week!

Gus update:

- Gus counted to 100 with the help of a number poster!

- We now spend our Saturday mornings watching Gus play Peanut soccer.  This is Gus’ first time playing soccer and he really enjoys it.

- Favourite mispronunciations:  Am-blee-ance for ambulance.  Am-inals for animals.

Conversation of the month:

Gus- “Mom, do mummies still live in the Pyramids?”

Erin – “Probably not because —”

Calina interrupts with – “She doesn’t know!”

Erin – “She called me on it!”


Rebecca Three Months

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Happy. Easy. Content. Absolutely delightful.  These were just a few of the phrases regularly used to describe my demeanor.  Yes, I am a wonderful baby!  My smiles were abundant this month, as were my giggles when someone tickled my ribs.  I discovered my voice, and could be heard cooing upon waking in the morning.  To keep my days interesting, I would venture from my car seat, to the bouncy chair, to the play mat and to the swing.  I added the high-chair to this sequence, and quite enjoyed the new vantage point, especially when I joined everyone at the table for dinner.  To build my strength I’ve instituted a daily exercise program called tummy time.  I quite enjoyed it and I’m seeing impressive results.  On occasion I would “roll” (okay, maybe “flop” is the more appropriate term) over and end up on my back.  Daddy offered me something called a bottle several nights at bedtime.  I took to it quite well and enjoyed having cuddles with him as I drifted off to sleep.  Bathing in my little blue tub is great, but sharing a bath in the big tub with Gus and Calina was amazing!  More space, more water, more company, what’s not to love?  I attended lots of fun events this month: a dinner play date with Layla & Dylan, a brunch with friends at the Colyer’s, the block party at Gus’ school, an egg hunt at Maggie & Alex’s, but the best was my first official play date with my friend Austin.  …Becca

Easter in the Valley

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April 12 – 21, 2014

I checked many firsts off my to-do list during my 1st vacation.  This was my 1st long-haul driving trip – 737km each way. I was a super traveler, and slept long stretches on the road and didn’t complain too much about the amount of time spent in my car seat. My 1st time sleeping in a crib! Chez Grandma Cathy and Chez Gram Berny are fully equipped with baby gear, and I slumbered so nicely in the comfort of their cribs that I actually slept through the night for the 1st time, and then did so again several nights during my stay. I also stretched out my afternoon nap to three hours -maybe due to exhaustion or maybe it’s my new routine. I love my bath, and my 1st bath in the kitchen sink was no exception. The very best part of this holiday was meeting my G.G, aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends for the 1st time! I Celebrated my 1st Easter! We spent Holy Saturday with my Mortimer family, where I enjoyed a community egg hunt and my 1st backyard bonfire, and Easter Sunday with my Muldoon family. I also celebrated my Baptism, surrounded by family, and squeezed in lots of play dates with cousins and friends.  It certainly was a busy week, but I can’t wait to visit again.


Calina 2 years 8 months

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- I talk ALL the time and mostly in a loud voice.

- Mom has recently taught to zip my lips and throw away the key.  It rarely works though.

- I frequently state “I have a question” when I have to ask something, or simply tell someone something.  It’s kind of my version of ‘excuse me’.

- If Mom responds to one of my questions with “I don’t know”, I demand of her “you need to think!”

- I have a real, big-girl bike!  My friend Natalie bought a new bike and she gave her old one to me.  So generous!  It’s still a little difficult for me to peddle, but I love to try.

- I had my hair cut by a real hair dresser.  I was very cooperative and relaxed for the whole process.

- We attended our friend Gunnar’s 6th birthday where Eliot the Super Magician entertained us.  I loved petting his magic rabbit afterwards.

- Each year Gus’ school hosts a block party where the “community helpers” come to interact with the students and display their vehicles.  I had so much fun checking out the police boat and car, the fire trucks and the mail truck.

- My friends, Maggie and Alex, hosted a very fun backyard egg hunt! On the warm, sunny afternoon I joined a huge number of friends and we scurried around their spacious yard collecting plastic eggs with surprises inside.

- It had been over six months since my last trip to Canada, and Becca was finally big enough to make the long trip, so it was time to go!  It was great to be with family again!  I finally met Baby Fallon who is super cute at four months old.  Carter and I had everyone in stitches when we were “kissing cousins”.  Uncle Brandon will do anything to hear me laugh, which means I got lots of special attention from him.  I’m still terrified of Grandma Cathy’s dogs, and I even showed a dislike of her cats this time.  I had a play date with the Moodie/Nixon/MacPherson crew, which always proves to be a good time, but how could it not be when 9 friends, 6 years and younger, get together?  Nora and Felix hosted us for a day and we had so much fun that we totally lost track of time and had to stay for dinner, but Aunt Lisa is a great cook, so I didn’t mind.  Abby & Isla invited us to play at their house and of course we said yes because we always have fun with them, and they have cool toys.  We enjoyed pizza dinner and play time at the Howard’s, when Mom got together with her high school girlfriends – we hadn’t seen this group since last summer, so we had lots of catching up to do!  Mortimer Easter included going to a community egg hunt and then enjoying a delicious dinner lovingly prepared by Gram Berny and Aunt Tina!  After dinner, Dad built a bonfire for us to enjoy.  Easter Sunday was spent with my Muldoon family playing outside and sharing a huge, yummy meal together.  Whew!  What a busy, fun-filled week!

Favourite mispronunciation: “llellow” for yellow.


March 2014

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- Gus’ school celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with a week of reading and fun activities,  like: wear green day for Green Eggs and Ham, crazy sock day for Fox in Socks and pajama day for Sleep Book.  On the Friday evening our family returned to school to see a reptile demonstration by Jenkinson’s Aquarium.

- The highlight of the month was having Gram Berny, Aunt Carla, and cousins Abby & Isla visit for 5 days!  In their company we excitedly celebrated Isla’s 3rd birthday and enjoyed a morning playing at Kidz Village.  The Tuesday was so beautiful, that it only felt right to walk into town and have ice cream at Little Scoops.  Gus was delighted when Gram Berny was the guest reader in his class and shared the book Mortimer’s First Garden.

- We celebrated St. Patrick’s day by wearing green, and eating corned beef, green mashed potatoes and Irish soda bread.

- Now that we are finding our new groove, we’ve resumed play dates again!  It was so nice to see Marie & Elise, Brendan, and Benjamin & Oliver again.  We also had special evening/dinner & a movie play date with Layla & Dylan.

- Although March offered mostly “lion” days, there were a few “lamb” days and we took full advantage to make it to the playground, play in the backyard and creek, and eat lunch on the deck when the weather was warm and sunny.  It was really refreshing to be outside playing again!

- We attended a Newcomers ice cream social at Little Scoops.

- Bostonian friends Sara, Maya, Eli & Talia visited us while they were visiting family in NJ!  It had been a few months since we last saw them, and we really enjoyed the few hours we got to spend with them!

- We celebrated Gus’ 4.5 birthday with cupcakes!

- Although Becca is still far too little to bathe in the big tub with Gus and Calina, she does join them for short periods and seem as delighted to be with them, as Gus & Calina are to have her join them.

- Like most families with young children, we are Frozen crazy!  Gus is particularly taken with this movie, but even Calina will sit and watch the movie for a while.  Gus can also be found dancing around the house, belting out the lyrics to Let It Go.

- We ended the month with a brunch with friends at the Colyer’s.  I get together regularly with these ladies, but it was fun to get husbands and children together for a casual morning of yummy food, adult conversation and children playing happily together.

Gus Highlights:

- Gus tends towards extremes lately, for example, phrases like, “I’m never going to play with you again” are often uttered to Calina.

- “How old will I be when I marry Calina?”

“Well, you won’t marry Calina because you can’t marry someone in your family.”

“But you married Mom, and she’s in your family.”

“Yes, but we were from different families, and when we got married our families joined together.”

“I’m never going to get married because I don’t want another family. I want to be part of this family!”

- One day Gus shared his elaborate story of how he is going to build his house in our back yard, near the playground.  That way he will never be far away!



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