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Rebecca 7 Months

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After devouring cereal for two days, I had to give food a break.  I broke out in a rash that spread all over my body.  Was it the 6 month vaccinations?  Was it the oatmeal?  So, my introduction to food was a slow one, and I’ve only tried rice cereal, bananas and butternut squash so far.  All of which I enjoyed, and none of which caused further rashes.  Along with each meal, I sipped water impressively well from a straw cup.  Another thing that went into my mouth was my soother, which I could do all by myself!   And coming out of my mouth were more sounds – especially bubububu, many laughs of pure joy and few wet raspberries.  I encountered my first fever and doses of Tylenol this month, but a night of sleeping on the couch in Mommy’s arm quickly cured my ailment.  I proved to be quite curious about all things toy and non-toy, and this encouraged me to get moving to explore everything more thoroughly.  When I first laid eyes on Benny, Aunt Lisa’s dog, I eagerly pulled myself, in a worm like movement, across the kitchen floor to get a better look.  From that point on I happily put in the effort to squirm around and learn about my surroundings.    My recent adventures included my first trip to the Turtle Back Zoo, complete with a carousel ride and the butterfly house, and blueberry picking at Terhune Orchards with friends Willem and Luuk.  The highlight of the month was spending time with family and friends in Canada.  Each day included a play date or an outting, and I was lucky enough to attend Nora’s 3rd birthday party and my newest cousin, Samuel’s Christening.  I took in the  beautiful Museum of Nature and the  fun water slides at Mont Cascade.  ..Becca

Calina 3 years!

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- I can buckle up my seat belt all by myself.

- My adventures this month included 2 nights of camping at Spruce Run Recreation Area, my first ever float night at the local pool, a long over-due trip to the zoo, painting ceramics at Fire Me Up and blueberry picking at Terhune Orchard.

- Although my behaviour this summer had been anything but wonderful, a trip to Canada was all I needed to lift my spirits.  I was sweet, happy, and adorable.  I was unusually affectionate with everyone, generously offering hugs and kisses.

- I chose to dress as a princess for cousin Nora’s knights, princess & dragon themed birthday party.  A princess is not my default costume choice when playing at home, I’m usually a monster, a fire fighter or a fairy.  Mom assumed I would be a dragon, but I was very pleased to wear my fancy princess dress for the occasion.

- Summer vacation in Canada is a favourite ritual of mine.  I love spending time with family and friends, and trying to keep up with Mom’s crazy visiting schedule.  This year I especially enjoyed using Uncle Erick’s virtual reality headset where I was able to swim in the ocean with fish.  Since we were home for three weeks, we had time for some fun activities too.  One day we visited the beautiful Museum of Nature, where I particularly enjoyed seeing the dinosaur exhibit and caring for birds at the bird hospital.  We also ventured to Mont Cascade water park, where it took me quite a while to warm up to the idea of water slides.

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- The best part of being in Canada was celebrating my birthday with family!!!  On my actual birthday I awoke to balloons hanging in the bedroom that Gus & I share at Grandma Cathy & Grandpa Mike’s.  I then discovered the kitchen decorated with streamers and more balloons.  That evening my Muldoon family gathered for a meal of, at my request, Mac’n’Cheese and hotdogs – and some hamburgers, meatballs and assorted salads.  I loved having everyone sing happy birthday to me before I blew out my “3” candle on the cupcakes Gus & I had decorated earlier in the day.  There were lots of generous gifts to open, and I was happy to let Edey, Wyatt and Carter help me with the task.  To show my appreciation I happily had my picture taken with everyone at the party!

The birthday celebrations didn’t stop there.  The following evening Mom got together with three of her girlfriends from high school, and the 11 children that tagged along – we had an amazing play date!  After a yummy pizza dinner, there was a surprise for me!  Birthday cake for dessert.  I encountered sparklers for the first time, and again loved having all these friends sing happy birthday to me!

Since I was turning three, having three events to honour me seems appropriate, right?!  Well, that was certainly the case.  Freshly into our week of relaxing at the cottage, I arrived at the main cabin for breakfast to find the dining room decorated with a beautiful sign, and purple balloons and streamers!  Aunt Lisa & Gram Berny had planned a special day for me!  Along with my Mortimer family, we played BINGO and musical chairs, shared shared beautifully decorated cupcakes and I opened more thoughtful gifts.  Turning “tree” was super fun, and may it only be the start of a great year ahead!

Quotes of the month

“I’m going to puke!” which I say often when I’m very upset.

“I’m going to cry – really hard!” is the threat I utter when I know a consequence is coming my way.

Calina’s 3 year old interview

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A teacher

Favourite colour? Yellow {although green & purple are the usual answers}

Favourite food? Mac’n’Cheese

Favourite dessert? Cookies

Favourite drink? Lemonade

Favourite fruit? Mango

Favourite snack? Banana

Favourite friends? Paul, Dylan & Claire

Favourite TV show? Olivia

Favourite activity? K’Nex {which she has never played with}

Favourite Book? Franklin series

What are you really good at? Lego

Favourite animal? Giraffe

Favourite thing to do outside? Play ball

I’m afraid of _____________? Bats

Favourite iPad activity? Um-Num

Favourite thing to wear? Shoes

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Somewhere dark

Favourite holiday? My birthday

Favourite season?  Winter!  I like to roll down in the snow!

What makes you feel happy?  Sleeping with Dad

What makes you feel sad? When Mom won’t let me sit in Rebecca’s car seat

Favourite thing to do with Dad? Sleep in bed with him

Favourite thing to do with Mom? Tickle her and do stamping

Favourite thing to do with Gus? Roll on him

Favourite thing to do with Rebecca? Give her kisses

July 2014

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- As per our tradition, we all dressed in red and white in  honour of Canada day.

- On July 2nd we were very excited that Samuel Robert Bissett joined our family.  This new little bundle arrived weighing 8 lbs 6 oz, and was welcomed by Carla, Scott and big sisters Abby & Isla.  We can’t get home soon enough to meet this little man.  Gram Berny is delighted to now have 8 grandchildren, all under the age of 5.  She asked and we delivered.

- We became good friends with the Van Bodegom family, when we lived on the same floor of a high rise apartment building in Boston.  It was to our delight when we learned that they were also moving to New Jersey!  Upon arriving in their new home state, Annu, Willem and Luuk spent a night with us, while Diederik went ahead to their new home to meet the moving truck.  It was so much fun to catch up with them and watch the children play together.  Willem is two weeks older than Gus, and they have always shared a special bond!  We are excited to have them closer and share more time with them.

- We celebrated the 4th of July at our neighbour’s backyard party and then enjoyed the fireworks.  The park where the fireworks are displayed, is pretty much in our backyard, so Calina and I cuddled up on the couch in our pjs and watched the show from our living room.  Gus and James, on the other hand, joined most of the town at the park, where Gus excitedly cheered and clapped for each firework.

- Our cousins, the Thompson’s, were vacationing in PA this summer, and the chance to spend a day with them had us buying tickets to Sesame Place.  A visit to this theme park had been on our to-do list for a while, and what better way to do it than with family.  With no line-ups, we had a wonderful time going from one ride to the next, and the water park was a refreshing relief from the extreme heat.  We all had so much fun!  The highlight for Gus was slipping down water slides, and having the huge bucket of water pour down on him at The Count’s Splash Castle.  Calina enjoyed riding Elmo’s flying fish several times, and floating down Bird Bird’s Rambling River in a tube with Daddy.

- After learning about birds of prey on an episode of Wild Kratts, we had to make a trip to The Raptor Trust.  “The Raptor Trust is one of the premier wild bird rehabilitation centers in the United States, and includes a hospital with state-of-the-art medical facilities and quality exterior housing for several hundred birds.” Layla & Dylan joined us for this adventure where we saw owls, eagles, hawks, wild turkeys and falcons up close.

- Pine Street Park in Roselle was the perfect place to play one hot and sticky day.  This park hosts two playgrounds, a basketball court and, the best part, a really fun spay pad.

- To help our friends, Charlotte & James, celebrate their birthdays, we traveled to their grandparents beautiful home in Newtown, PA.  Wendy & Ian’s back yard is home to an amazing pool that has various levels, starting at 1 foot and increasing to 6 feet deep – the perfect pool for young children.  Gus & Calina spent the day in the pool, except when they paused to eat the pig roast lunch.

- Gus and Calina enjoyed learning about ‘all things scaly’ at their week of morning day-camp.  Since Calina has rarely been without James or I in her almost three years, this  was an excellent opportunity to trial some time on her own at her soon-to-be school.  She harboured zero separation anxiety and confidently walked into her classroom each morning ready to participate.  I felt like I was on vacation for those three hours each morning with only Becca in my care!  We took full advantage of our mornings to work on projects, visit with my friend Jen, and her new baby, Andrew, and have a play date with Becca’s little friend Austin.

- My friend Holly is brilliant, and she showed off all her talents when she hosted an amazing camping birthday party for her 5 year old Sean.  I’m sure our summer would have slipped by without a camping trip had Holly not made it so easy for us.  Her research landed us at the very family friendly Spruce Run Recreation Area in Clinton, where we camped with four other families – totaling 10 adults and 10 children (6 months to 5 years old).  The playground behind our tent and our adjacent campsites made is easy for the kids to play together, and meet three of the girls camping nearby.  Dinner consisted of ribs, steak, corn on the cob and baked potatoes – all cooked on the campfire.  As night fell, the kids chases fireflies, played with glow sticks and toasted marshmallows for s’mores.  After a good night’s sleep, we feasted on pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast burritos, bagels and coffee.  We parted ways from the group for a quick trip to the beach to swim, but rejoined everyone, plus additional guests at the group picnic area for the actual party.  Each child made their own tie-dye t-shirt before a delicious lunch of hot dogs, burgers, pulled pork, salads, and of course, cake, was served up.  There were more marshmallows to be roasted and made into s’mores, wild raspberries to be picked, trees to be climbed and the playground to be explored.  I’m certain Sean will never forget his 5th birthday party! We opted to spend another night camping and then enjoyed our second morning of swimming.

- Helping Thomas & Elena celebrate their birthday was easy and fun at Screaming Parties.  Who doesn’t love an afternoon of jumping on huge inflatables?

-  Our community pool hosts ‘float nights’ on Fridays throughout the summer.  Inflatables, which are usually banned from the pools are allowed on these sanctioned Friday evenings.  James, Gus & Calina’s  first float night ever happened to be the last float night of the year.  They had fun, and talk about doing it again next summer.

- It had been quite some time since we had seen the Tan and Therien families, fellow Montrealers turned New Jerseyans, so we hosted them for a bbq.  It was so nice to catch up, meet baby Liam, introduce Rebecca to everyone and see how much all the other children had grown.

- When I realized that the last time we were at the zoo there was snow on the ground and I was quite pregnant, I made it a priority to visit again before school started.  The kids and I had a great day seeing the animals, but also checking out the new Pre Historic playground, walking through the butterfly tunnel, taking Rebecca on her first carousel ride, running through the sprinklers and watching the sea lion feeding.

- To close out the month, Gus and Calina painted ceramics at Fire Me Up.  Calina chose a lion figurine and Gus chose a skull shaped box.  They aren’t much for fine details yet.  Gus goes for single colour coverage, and Calina opts for well mixed colours.


Rebecca 6 months

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Happy half birthday to me!  To celebrate I dined on oatmeal cereal.  Up until now I have eagerly gummed watermelon, cantaloupe and steak, so I happily and easily ate my first real meal!  At my doctor appointment I weighed in at 14 pounds 8 ounces and measured 25 1/4 inches long.  It’s my rigorous exercise routine that kept me lean.  I wiggled wherever I needed to go, pivoted in circles, pushed into planks, raise onto my hands and knees, and even managed pigeon pose, which leads me to believe I will be crawling in no time.  I became a more stable sitter, but still need additional practice to get it just right, so I spent some time building upper body strength in the swings at the playground.  When I wasn’t wearing a huge smile on my face, my recently detected little tongue was curled up over my top lip.  Ears are another newly discovered body part that I contentedly played with while nursing.  But, since I didn’t want to miss anything, I was mostly very distracted while eating, looking around to see what Gus & Calina were doing.  It was a very busy month of activities and the highlights were going to the circus, visiting Sesame Place, camping at Spruce Run Recreation Area, and a play date with my friend Austin.  The most exciting  event, though, was the arrival of my new cousin Samuel Robert Bissett on July 2nd!     …Becca

Calina 2 years 11 months

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- When I grow up I want to be a teacher.  At times I start stories about things I’m going to do when I’m an adult with “when I’m a teacher, I’m going to ….”

- Camping outside with Daddy and Gus for the Great American Backyard Camp Out was awesome!  Watching stars and fireflies as I drifted off to sleep was so exciting.

- I can be heard modeling many of Gus’ conversation styles.

- Wearing two different shoes poses no problem for me, even when it’s a cowboy boot and a Croc.

- I have become a real little fish!  I can hold me breath under water for 5 seconds, sometimes longer.  I love playing and swimming in the pool.

- Going to bed is my least favourite thing to do each day, although by bedtime, I’m so tired that I need to.  I’m constantly adding new tricks to my bedtime stall routine.  The latest is “I need to you sleep with me!” or “I can’t sleep by myself”.  Since I’m usually asleep within seconds, it easier for Dad or Mom to briefly lay with me than it is for them to fight me on this.

-  I’ve realized that Rebecca is here to stay, and I’ve noticed a difference the amount of attention I receive.  To show my general disapproval, I tantrum.  A LOT!  Somedays I start upon waking and continue – at various intensity – until bedtime.  I no longer nap, so it makes for a very long day for everyone involved.

- The fireworks on July 4th were very loud, so Mom and I cuddled up on the couch in our pjs and watched the beautiful show from the comfort of our living room.

- It’s rare that I let someone other than Mom or Dad, even someone I know well, help me do something.  So it was a nice surprise when I rode the flying fish with cousin Danny at Sesame Place.

- I attended one week of day camp at the school I will attend this fall.  The theme of the week was ‘All Things Scaly’ and I learned about dinosaurs, snakes, lizards and crocodiles.  I was excited to go each morning, and excited to share the details of my day at pickup.

- I love to eat peanut butter right out of the jar!

- One Saturday I joined Daddy and Gus for their trip to the hair dresser, and got mine cut too.  I now sport a cute chin length bob.

- At dinner one evening, I had Mom & Dad in stitches as  I told an elaborate story about how chicken meat grows on trees.

- Our friend Sean turned 5 and celebrated with an amazing camping birthday party!  Five families – 10 adults, 10 children –  joined together for a night of camping at Spruce Run Recreation Area.  We shared amazing meals, games of duck-duck-goose, adventures on the playground, campfire and s’mores.  My highlight was staying up way past my bedtime so I could catch fireflies.  After everyone else grew tired of chasing them, I happily went off on my own, net in hand, to catch and release these intriguing little beetles.  On the second day, more of Sean’s friends joined us as the park for a big birthday celebration.  Our family opted to spend a second night camping, and this allowed us to spend some time at the beach each day.  The gradual entry, sandy beach was a great place to test out my new swimming skills.  It was such a fun weekend, and I can’t wait to do it again.

June 2014

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This is looooong over-due…  June was a jammed-packed month of fun!

- We spent beautiful June 1st at Watchung Reservation playground and the Trailside Nature center.  Rebecca learned to roll over during our visit!

- We participated in a Newcomers scavenger hunt at Unami park.  Looking for sticks, leaves, flowers and other items, while taking much needed breaks on the playground, was a fun way to pass the morning.

- Because we can never get enough of their company, we hosted Katie, Layla & Dylan for a pool/dinner play date on a night when Dad was away for work.

- Gus’ school hosts a “Donuts with Dad” morning since the school year ends before father’s day.  Unfortunately, Gus was sick that day and he and James couldn’t attend.  That didn’t stop us from baking donuts and celebrating National Donut Day at home.

- The spring soccer season came to a close with each player receiving a medal.  Gus really enjoyed his first soccer experience and is excited to play again this fall.

- We enjoyed the end of year Newcomer’s family picnic at Unami Park.  Good friends and yummy food always makes it a great day.

- Two years ago we hosted a group of friends for a barbecue, including us – six couples plus children.  Way too much time had passed and we realized that we must invite this same group of friends back.  All the same friends and children plus three new additions.  We had so much fun – and it left James and I wondering why we don’t get together more often.

- The Little Gym end of year party was the perfect reason play together as a family.  Gus and Calina kept us well entertained with all their “watch me!” gymnastic routines.

- Summer just doesn’t seem complete without strawberry picking.  The kids and I drove out to Melick’s Farm and easily picked a few pints of berries one morning.  Of course, we couldn’t leave before buying over-sized cookies at the farm stand and visiting the pot bellied pigs.  For dessert that evening we had strawberry shortcake – yum!

- To spoil James for Father’s day, we took him out for Mexican food and then for ice cream!  Okay, maybe we were all spoiled with that outing.

- James’ diligence in maintaining our back-deck inflatable pool allows the kids to spend time in the water daily.  This exposure is really turning Gus & Calina into little fish!  Both Gus & Calina were brave enough to put their faces in the water and open their eyes, and attempt “swimming” under water.

-We made our return to the Community pool.  Since it’s the thing to do, everyone is there and it’s the best place to catch up with friends during the summer.

- Joined by our friend Sheila, we visited the Monmouth Museum’s children’s Wonder Wing.  Gus and Calina had a wonderful time exploring all the sea themed displays.

- It had been over a year since we had last gotten together with the Tawa family – again way too long ago.  So, we shared dinner together at the Public House (a restaurant that has been on our must-try list since arriving in NJ) and then returned to their home for dessert.  After a lovely evening, again, we were left saying “we should really do this more often!”.

- Gus had 9 classes of swimming lessons over a two week period.  Most days, we were at the pool by 10, with a picnic lunch in our cooler.  Lessons were over by 11am, but we would stay and play with friends until about 1pm.  James was even able to join us on Gus’ final day, and worked pool-side.  Gus’ water comfort increased enough that he would jump into the pool and “swim” back to the edge.

- The Zerbini Family Circus always comes to town during a heat wave, and this year was no exception.  The circus tent was stifling, but the performers put on a show we all enjoyed, although the popcorn, funnel cakes and slushies are what really caught the kids attention.

- We all helped our neighbour, Sienna, celebrate her 6th birthday!  On the invite list to her Frozen themed party was Elsa & Anna!

- The National Wildlife Federation organizes the Great American Backyard Campout each year, to encourage families to enjoy time together outside.  We pledged to participate and that we did.  We enjoyed s’mores over the campfire and James, Gus & Calina slept in the tent outside.  It was such a beautiful night that they didn’t put the fly over the mesh tent.  They fell asleep looking at the few stars the many fireflies.

- To close out the month, we helped our friend Benjamin celebrate his 4th birthday at Screaming Parties, and afterwards at his house.

Quotes of the month:

- Gus – “Did you and Dad get your green cards yet?  So you won’t have to return to Canada and leave us here all alone?” [ Ooops, maybe James and I have been complaining about the green card application too much lately.]

- Gus – “Mom, when will you be pregnant again?  Maybe in a few months?”

- Gus and James, while watching tv -

“Dad, what’s that?”,


“Why is the DNA in space?”,

“Good question.  Where should it be?”,

“In our food.”

“Right.  Why in our food?”,

“You know, like my gummy vitamins, D and C.”

Rebecca 5 months

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Rolling over was my big accomplishment this month!  As soon as I was laid on the floor, I flipped from my back onto my tummy.  All that extra tummy time allowed me to practice squirming around in circles and raising myself into a plank position.  I tried sitting on my own, but I wasn’t ready for that just yet.  Rolling led to swaddle weaning.  My sleep sack is cool, but my busy hands  and arms made falling asleep tricky.  But, with this new freedom , I learned that I prefer to sleep on my left side.  I happily went through my days with a big smile on my sweet little face, not saying much, but when I got tired, that’s when I would let out a few squawks.  The more tired I got, the more vocal I got.  I was very aware of what was going on around me and because of that, it became tough for me to fall asleep while we were out and about – I didn’t want to miss anything and therefore didn’t fall asleep easily or didn’t stay sleeping for long.  I really liked napping at home in my crib, and I did my best sleeping there, but as a third child, I can’t always afford that luxury.  The past month has been very busy with activities, but the highlights were  swimming at home, strawberry picking at Melick’s Farm, celebrating Dad on father’s day and visiting the Monmouth Museum.  Oh yes, my newest favourite thing was sucking on watermelon!  It’s so delicious!     …Becca

Calina 2 years 10 months

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Along with all the fun family activities we’ve been doing, here is what I’ve been up to…

- As a baby, my pediatrician said that my excessive spitting-up was nothing more than a laundry issue.  Well, I continue to be a laundry issue for Mom since I wear multiple outfits a day!

- I’m stubborn!  And there is no exception to this behaviour when it comes to apologizing to others or accepting apologies from Gus.

- The extra water exposure I get by having a pool on the back deck has given me the confidence to put my face in the water.

- The supervisor at Pump-It-Up is regularly impressed by my climbing abilities.  He probably doesn’t realize I’m actually “two and three quarters”.

- I love to tell everyone how old I am, and I refuse to change my age to “two and five sixths” like Mom encourages me to.

- I’m still a little nervous, but I can climb across the monkey bars on our play ground.

- I started at The Little Gym last September, and I graduated this month.  I received a special medal for my year of achievement.  It’s going to be a little lonely on Monday mornings when I don’t see my teacher, Mr. TJ, and my friends.

- My year of My First Friends with Mrs. Maher has also came to an end.  No more Friday morning play group with crafts.

- Since I rarely nap and I do everything loudly, quiet time is totally lost on me.  Rebecca’s afternoon nap coincided with my quiet time, and I kept waking her up with my loud voice, crying or banging on my door.  My scheme to have quiet time with Gus worked perfectly.

- To Mom’s delight, I recently resumed eating things like yogurt and apple sauce.  I ate foods like this when I was first introduced to them two years ago, but had given them up.

Quote of the month:

“Mom, I’m going to put a secret in your mouth.” (and I whispered into Mommy’s mouth)


May 2014

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- The 30th of April was a very rainy day, and the evening showed now sign of a change in weather.   At 10pm James and some neighbours joined forces and moved vehicles to higher ground, just to be safe.  Around midnight we watched the creek that runs through our property, crest and start spilling into our back yard, at which point we went to bed.  I awoke around 5am to find our basement filling with water, a quick peek out the front door reveled the street in front of our house flooded and looking out the back door we could see our yard looked like a large pond.  The sump pumps were running, but since they empty into creek, there was nowhere for the water to go but into our basement.  Fortunately, our basement is unfinished and is home to nothing more than the furnace, oil and hot water tanks and an old baby carriage.  James and Gus took a short walk to check on the state of the park.  Nomahegan park which has a small lake, was completely submerged.  The rain subsided that morning, and the water slowly started to recede.  By 3pm the creek was back to normal levels, our basement emptied out and it appeared as though nothing had happened.  A few days of rain kept everyone in town talking about the flood for quite some time.

Click on photo above to see more pictures

- We celebrate my 35th birthday!  The kids and I joined the Nesheiwat family for a lovely garden party, and then James and the kids made birthday cake for dessert!

- To honour their Moms for Mother’s Day, Gus’ and his classmates hosted a tea party at school.  It was a really sweet morning!  They served cookies and muffins they had made, with iced tea, presented gifts and sang songs.  It was a really special time with my little man.

- To celebrate Mother’s Day, we packed a picnic lunch and headed to the Rahway River Park.  Being outside, playing at the playground, was the perfect way to spend a beautiful and sunny afternoon.  When we returned home, we realized that it was time to set up our ‘back-deck’ pool.  The water was chilly, but that didn’t prevent Gus, Calina and our neighbours, Sienna & Lila, from suiting up and jumping in.

- We started attending a weekly “Toddler Jump” (ages 6 and under) at Pump-It-Up!  The huge inflatables kept Gus and Calina running and climbing for more than an hour with a few friends from school.  They ended each session with a snack and story.  It was a great way to burn off some energy this spring.

- Rainbows was the perfect theme for our little friend Alice’s 2nd birthday.  We had so much fun celebrating with her – a bouncy castle, other games, an abundance of yummy bbq food, and lots of friends made for a fun afternoon that lasted until bedtime.

- Gus has long asked to go to near-by Bowcraft Amusement Park.  He was thrilled to be invited to his classmate, Sienna’s, 5th birthday party at this park.  James and Gus spent the afternoon going on rides and enjoying pizza and cake in honour of the friend that calls Gus “peanut butter”.

- Memorial Day weekend was a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend.  The Kastin’s hosted a lovely bbq, where the rain forced the 8 adults and 10 children inside.  The kids had a blast running and playing together while us adults shared in good conversation.  Sunday we joined the Wolfe family to celebrate Mason Waytt’s 5th and Addison Mae’s 1st birthdays with a hoedown!  We arrived to find the street closed off to traffic and filled with tables and chairs set up under tents, bouncy castles and kid-sized motorized  vehicles.  Everything was so well done, and we couldn’t help but have a great time!  On the Monday morning, the only thing to do was the thing everyone does – watch (or march in) the parade.

- Nomahegan park was the perfect venue for our neighbour Daniella’s 4th birthday.  Under the shade of the tall trees, we ate hot dogs, watched the kids at the playground and in the bouncy castle.  We listened to the music of the live band and chatted with friends while the kids flew kites.  Daniella certainly knows how to throw a party to please people of all ages!

Gus update…

- Gus spends lots of time being an “adventurer”.  Wearing his khaki coloured adventure vest, binoculars around his neck and magnifying glass in hand, he spends a great deal of time looking for bugs and playing outside.  He wants to build an adventure center and police station in our backyard – that way he won’t have to move away from home and doesn’t choose between these two desirable careers.

- We had our first incident of child hair cutting in our house.  It was bound to happen sooner or later, and it’s happened.  In the ensuite bathroom, Gus cut a small chunk out of Calina’s hair.  Thankfully it wasn’t noticeable.

- Have the pool on our back deck allows for lots of easy water exposure for Gus & Calina.  Gus who was terrified of getting his face wet while swimming two summers ago, has been putting his face in the water!  Small steps.

- Gus’ class had two fun adventures this month.  First, they took the train to a near-by town where they made a craft at a local crafting boutique and enjoyed sweet treats at and ice cream parlour.  Second, they went to the Turtle Back Zoo, where they had a special mission to study the alligator.

Quotes of the month

May 1st, 6:30am, upon discovering the flood:  “Dad, come down stairs! There is good news and bad news.  The good news is that the bird house didn’t flood.  The bad news is we are going to need a new backyard.”

G – “How old are you today Mom?”

Mom – 35

G – Yikes!



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